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Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Furnaces are one of the most reputable brands on the market, because of all the benefits and special features that that you get when you buy one and, of course, the innovation of the product. These furnaces come with the infinity control which has the ability to remember how every member of the family prefers their space to feel. It also gives you the option of setting up more than seven different temperature zones in the same home. You may also acquire the option which lets the system know when you are going away on holidays to save energy during said time. The system will also advise you when it’s time to replace the air filters or if a furnace inspection is needed.

Carrier Furnace is the best brand for energy-efficient furnaces, they are eco-friendly and wont make you cringe when you look at your utility bills. These furnaces also have a noise reduction system and a media filter cabinet, both of which help with vibration and noise.

One of the most important benefits about this furnace is its efficiency, measured by an AFUE rating that shows that Carrier Furnace models are the most efficient furnaces on the market today.

Carrier furnaces also have a feature that no other furnaces offer, they have a humidity control option which helps protect your family members who may suffer from asthma attacks or any other respiratory related condition. Carrier Furnaces are known for their reliability and if they receive proper maintenance, they rarely break down. Chestermere Heating and Cooling strongly recommends Carrier Furnaces because we only work with the best systems, making sure our customers have a quality product.