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GeneralAire Air Quality Products

GeneralAire Humidifiers and Air Cleaners

Respiratory ailments are becoming more and more prevalent. Air pollution and dirty particles can damage lungs on both a short or long term basis. Of course, this can be prevented by getting a proper system to protect the entire family. GeneralAire provides air cleaners and humidifiers that will help you with this endeavor, by providing higher quality air in your home. You can acquire these products and systems at Chestermere Heating and Cooling.

Humidifiers are a great product for the homeowner and their family. Research has shown that viruses, bacteria, and fungi do not thrive in an environment with a humidity level range of 40% – 60%.

Air Cleaners will clean the particles that children and other family members inhale. GeneralAire fights the primary categories of pollutants: germs, gasses, and particulates with TERSus technology that can disinfect, filtrate, and purify the air.